Psst we’re having

a makeover.

Unique People Pty Ltd is renovating their website, evolving our brand and changing to PeopleHQ.

What’s coming

After 14 years, we are getting a makeover. Unique People Pty Ltd is transforming.

We have engaged new team members and have formed some awesome partnerships.

We have been writing new programs, advancing our work and we are bringing world-class presenters in the field of human performance to you.

About us

Established for over 14 years, the team at Unique People know how and why people behave the way, they do. We work with leaders and teams committed to human performance.

We collaborate with you, your managers and your HR team to leverage leadership, build high-performance teams and engage employees to deliver results for your organisation.

With a background and qualifications in neuroscience, cognitive therapy, behavioural science, psychology and education our experienced, accredited and qualified team has a results reputation and delivers frameworks and practical tools ready to be applied.

Want to know more about what we do? Let us know and we’ll stay in touch.

 Leadership development Leadership pipeline and performance pipeline development High-performance teams Incubating innovation into your organisation Brain-friendly conference, workshop and meeting design Customer innovation and alignment Conflict resolution and mediation Aligning your employees with your strategic objectives Growth mind-set development Strategic communications Measuring competencies, derailers, values, reasoning skills and leadership characteristics Measuring team performance

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